The Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Fall/Winter 2021 collection was born from a doodle on a white canvas, like a sheet of notebook paper on which, instead of a fountain pen, a wool thread was used to embroider simple line drawings, study notes declarations of love. A page that becomes a felted wool cardigan, the starting point of a collection that tells the story of students' lives inside an imaginary college through their clothes: first day of school uniform, a dress decorated with pages of history, pleated mini kilts, majorette inspired dresses with mega-shoulder detail, the baseball team's uniform and the perfect prom dress.
    "School, a place of culture that forms generations through debate, enlightenment and social interactions, is a place that enables young people to grow and develop. I thought back to the encounters and conflicts I faced during those years and realized how fundamental they were in shaping my character and the expression of my creativity." Lorenzo Serafini

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