The unshakable self-esteem, dynamism and strength of the United States of the '70s and' 80s, at the top of its history, inspire Lorenzo Serafini for the new Fall Winter 2018 collection. Lines with lively exuberance reflecting America of those years, without contradictions and doubts, only certainty, from Park Avenue to the prairies.
    The Fall Winter 2018 collection is a journey through the United States. From Aspen to Wichita, from New Mexico to New York, Lorenzo Serafini's lens travels by designing a democratic style, in which denim joins the tulle and the leather is interwoven with lace. It's all American - the best of past for now. Games of transparencies, volumes and contemporary prints, characterize sheepskin coats with fringes and maxidress in chiffon, which coexist in a collection as articulated as harmonious.

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