Superga X Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Lorenzo Serafini unveils the full range of the Superga X Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini collection.
Highlighted during the finale of his Spring Summer 2018 runway show last September, the collaboration with Superga is officially launching today.

The collection consists of two styles in seven various fabrications and embellishments, which revisit the iconic Superga 2750 and its platform version, both with the Philosophy logo printed in a large font along the sole. They come in cotton canvas, solid and printed, and in ivory, burgundy or black suede.

For this exciting collaboration, Lorenzo Serafini reinterprets some of the iconic elements that characterize his ready-to-wear collections, such as the micro four leaf clover print and oversized pearls, while using contrasting double laces that tie at the ankle to embellish the more elaborate styles.

The Superga X Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini collection will be soon available for purchase at all Philosophy official store.

Venice calls for dreams
74th Venice International Film Festival



Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini lands in Venice for the annual International Film Festival.
From chic day dresses to a glamourous défilé of gowns, Lorenzo Serafini and his ladies seduce the lagoon with a dreamy style.

The romatic side of Rebel Youth
Liz Taylor meets the mods gang



Liz Taylor, the immortal icon of femininity and glamour, meets the rebellious spirit of youth.  That’s how Lorenzo Serafini summed up his Fall Winter 17 Philosophy collection.

The silhouette is very feminine – accentuating bust, waist and hips – and the collection alternates 50s cocktail dresses and masculine Teddy Boy looks.

“I've always been fascinated by the duality of women's souls: sweetness and audacity, innocence and sensuality, grace and determination.
My new collection for Philosophy imagines a young Liz Taylor who meets up with the rebellious spirit of the Mods.
It's my celebration of female seduction and their independence.”
Lorenzo Serafini

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Castaway Romance
Frames from the Spring Summer 2017 Show



Leave everything behind and run away to a tropical island:  this desire inspires the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring Summer 2017 girls.

The 19th century Romanticism with clear 80's accents give a playful, summery vibe to the Philosophy SS17 collection.
Sensual dresses, fluid and asymmetrical; soft, woven cotton sweaters; rich skirts with raw cut edges; voluminous tops cinched by corsaire belts.
Dresses are layered, appearing sensual and light, hanging from delicate straps.


" I imagined a gathering of disenchanted, sensual castaways on an island in the Southern seas,
dancing on the beach while wearing 19th century clothing found in ancient trunks,
washed to shore by the current.

Lorenzo Serafini "


Punk Romance
Portrait of a modern romanticism

The power of romance meets the underground decadence of the 80’s London club scene. This is the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Fall Winter '16 collection.

" I thought about the amount of willpower you need to maintain a gentle approach to life and I believe it takes
courage to be romantic these days. This brought me to explore a different type of romance,
stronger but less ethereal. This collection was born with the idea of Lady Diana meeting Siouxsie Sioux:
the royal charm and sweetness of the first contrasts the anti-establishment, punk rock attitude of the second.
The merging of these states of mind define the essence of my Philosophy woman.

Lorenzo Serafini "