Lorenzo’s starting point for Philosophy’s Spring/Summer collection stems from the mood board. All white clothing and chromatic looks, at times, are splattered in paint. You can see the art of expression and creativity is at the foundation of this collection. Made up of layers, colours and a sense of radiance – as a painting often is. Referencing a famous oil on canvas painting by Claude Monet as the title states: ‘Dejeuner sur L’herbe’ which translates to lunch on the grass in English. We set the scene of this collection with girls in nature, enjoying and creating art outside. The collection was conceived during lockdown, Lorenzo was inspired by the outdoors and his life pre-lockdown. There is an artistic aspect to the collection. He envisions a girl who is painting, living in a garden. A stark contrast between the reality of life during the pandemic and everything we took for granted pre-COVID. If there’s anything COVID taught Lorenzo, it is that everything we had before, like freedom and nature, is the most important. So ‘the garden’ is the starting point and the soul of the collection.

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